Unique Gift For Men: Tabletop Photo Studio

Ever surf around on one of those auction sites? Well lots of people actually can make quite a living by selling stuff on ebay. For any of you that have purchased from the site, you would agree that the picture makes all the difference. If there is no picture, forget it. But what about a crappy picture? Does that make you want to buy? Not me. I want to really see what I’ll be getting. And by the way, I can tell you from experience, it’s REALLY hard to get a good, detailed picture of something small.

Anyone who knows anything about photography will tell you that lighting is the number one problem. Get the lighting right, and you are worlds closer to getting better shots, and bigger ebay profits! I thought this was the perfect item to help. The Tabletop Photo Studio has everything you need to get the lighting perfect. This 16″ square cube is big enough to shoot most of your medium to small items. It includes two backdrops (white and black), a lightbox/diffuser, and two high-output lights.

This gift certainly goes in the “thoughtful” category. He won’t be expecting it, but if he has the right hobbies, he’ll love it.

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