Personalized Money Clip/Card Holder

Have you ever heard men complaining about having to carry a bulky wallet in their back pocket? Some men’s wallets are seriously the size of a softball. It hurts to sit on that day in and day out. It can put unwanted pressure on some major nerves, leaving many men with pain radiating down their leg.

But, men need a place to have their money and their credit cards without having to resort to carrying a “European shoulder bag” as seen on the recent Progressive Insurance commercials. It can be rather embarrassing, looking like a purse.

So, what’s the answer?

Why not slim down with one of these personalized money clip/card holders? They’re made of leather to make them soft and comfy, but they are much slimmer than traditional wallets. The money clip/card holder has a place for his credit cards and business cards, while the money clip keeps his money neatly stowed away.

It really is the best of both worlds, and he won’t have to carry a purse. This may be the end of his leg pain and the beginning of a life free from bulky wallets and pains in the rear.

And what better time to give this gift of love than now? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner as I write this. And gifts for a man can be hard to shop for. By understanding his problem stemming from the big fat wallet in his pocket, you are saying, “I love you. I have been listening and I want to help.” What could be more romantic than that?

To get yours, simply click on any of the links in this post. You’ll be taken to our store where you can order safely and securely.

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