Personalized Deluxe Leather Valet

Having problems with a messy, cluttery desk or dresser top? Perhaps your husband empties his pockets and piles it all on top of the dresser every night. This is quite common and doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your husband. Maybe you just need a gift for him. You may just need to provide him with a place to put his things. A place that he can call his own. This personalized leather valet is just right. It’s handsome and has plenty of room and small compartments to hold all of the things from his pockets.

With all those compartments, he will be able to quickly sort his pocket treasures into neat compartments. Then, close the lid and all you’ll see is a beautiful black leather top, with his name engraved on a handsome plaque. No more mess. No more clutter. And no more nagging! Everyone hates to feel like they’ve got to nag their husband to do things. Well, now, he’ll do it himself.

So, what have you got to lose? All it takes is a simple order form and your messy dresser problem is solved. Just a few typed fields to let us know what name to put on the plaque and you’re home free. Then, wait for the delivery truck and…presto! Clean bedroom, desk, or wherever you decide to put it. On second thought, you may need a few. One for the dresser, one for the office, and one for the desk at home. And it’s all thoughtfully disguised as a sweet gift. No mention of any messy dresser problem. It just goes away!

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