Early Notice Of What He May Be Getting Under The Tree

1. Deluxe Sudoku Puzzle Board

Sudoku hit us all by storm and it has proved to be an addicting game to rival the crossword puzzle. I personally have always wanted to be smart enough to do a crossword, but I am not afraid to admit, that I have never even come close to completing one, and not for lack of trying. Sudoku is the game that anyone can play, just line up the numbers in the correct block. Takes time and practice, but is a really good puzzle to keep him busy. Lots of guys will now be able to work their puzzle in real time, on the table and not have to worry about erasing mistakes. The Deluxe Sudoku Puzzle Board was our most popular single item this holiday season.

2. Pocket Watches and Cuff Links

Ohio State Pocket WatchThere seems to be a revival brewing of the modern gentleman. For the past several years, it has finally become cool again for him to be decorated and refined. This year’s sales of pocket watches and cuff links shows this trend is getting ever stronger. Admittedly, we have a small selection of these items, so I can only imagine what more heavy sellers of these items must have experienced. Our most popular item was the Gametime Team Pocket Watch, available in about any team or college you can imagine. While we have an even more limited selection of cuff links, many of you gentlemen will have a nice set under the tree as well.

3. Skill Stop Slot Machines

Welcome To Las Vegas MachineWith the popularity gaming and gambling still on the rise, we’ve been looking for the next big thing. Frankly, I would’ve thought the poker thing would have died down by now, but what do I know. These Skill Stop Slot Machines are authentic machines that are used in international casinos. I guess to deter cheating, they have to be switched out all the time. So these machines could have been used for as little as one month, to as most 2 years. So they are practically brand new. You use tokens and manually stop each reel by pushing the corresponding button. We literally couldn’t get enough of the Welcome To Las Vegas Skill Stop Machine, shown. We had to turn down orders.

4. Oxford Round Leather Flask with Shot

Oxford Round Leather FlaskPersonalized gifts are always popular. There is something to be said for giving someone a gift in the first place. It’s always the thought that counts, but when you go the extra mile to give a gift with their initials, name, or some other personalization, it really shows. In my humble opinion, this is one of the nicest new flask designs I’ve seen in quite some time. Personalized with a single initial, the center section pops out to be used as a shot glass. Holds 6 oz of his “favorite beverage”. We expect the Oxford Round Leather Flask to be a hot item again once wedding season comes.

5. NFL Emblem Money Clip

NFL Emblem Money ClipPro football continues to be hugely popular in almost everything we sell. The hottest this year was the NFL Emblem Money Clip. Every team is available, and you can personalize (see above) with two lines of text. Use his name and the date, or get creative. “Hail to the Redskins”, “Pittsburgh Steelers – Superbowl Champs”, etc.

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